Don Knotts' daughter rushed away from his deathbed to have a good laugh, she says in an interview

Apr 27, 2018
11:00 P.M.
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She was not the only one in the room laughing uncontrollably.


One of the most iconic characters of The Andy Griffith Show, Deputy Barney, was played by seasoned actor and comedian Don Knotts. 

He was loved for his uncanny sense of humor and his quick wit, and he delivered several unforgettable performances until he passed away in 2006.

He died of pulmonary and respiratory problems at the age of 81. Unveiling a different side of the celebrated comedian, his daughter Karen shared fond memories of him in a chat with Closer Weekly.

Karen shared a peculiar incident that took place when Knotts was on his deathbed. She was standing beside the bed along with her stepmother when Knotts said something unexpectedly funny.


Even in the somber situation, the brilliant comic could not resist joking, and the women could barely control their laughter.

While her stepmother stayed in the room trying to suppress her bouts of laughter, Karen simply had to storm out of the room and laugh away hysterically.

She explained that while she could not avoid laughing, she did not want to burst out laughing in front of her dying father.

Karen clarified that she did not regret walking out and letting the laugh out, as she knew that her father would not be offended by it.


Speaking about his sense of humor, Karen revealed that being funny was something that was a part of Knotts’ natural self.

When director Howard Storm heard the story, he told Karen that she should have stayed in the room while laughing heartily, as that would have made Knotts happier.

Looking back, Karen agreed that it would have been a good idea to let her father watch the reaction to his funny remark or act.


The proud daughter decided to author a memoir of her beloved father, and will also be involved in creating Tied Up In Knotts!, a show based on her happy childhood.

Karen expressed her love and admiration for him as a doting father. She revealed that he preferred being together with his family at home rather than spending the day out.

In her view, he was a remarkable storyteller and loved to have conversations about the entertainment business.