The dollar bill with a note from Arizona girl who vanished in 1999

Apr 28, 2018
11:25 P.M.
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An 11-year-old girl from Arizona mysteriously vanished in 1999. After many years, police received a tip through a one dollar bill.


Detectives are currently investigating the dollar bill in relation to the disappearance of Mikelle Biggs in 1999. Her case made it to national news at the time. She was waiting for an ice-cream truck when she disappeared.

According to USA Today, the dollar bill was handed to the authorities on March 14, 2018, in Neenah.

On the 2009 bill, there is a message written. It states, ‘My name is Mikel (sic) Biggs kidnapped From Mesa AZ I'm Alive.’

Adam Streubel an investigator of the Neenah police station suggested that the bill could be just a ‘senseless joke.’


He questioned the authenticity of the newly claimed evidence after performing a thorough examination.


He also explained that even if it was genuine, there is no way to trace where the money came from.

“There was a little spring of hope for a second, and then reality set in. There is nothing you can do with it, which is rather frustrating,” said Streubel.

Mesa police spokesperson Detective Steve Berry said that the detectives in their department have been examining the new piece of evidence.

Talking to The Arizona Republic, Berry explained, "We don't get a lot of tips anymore, but we occasionally do. We always follow up on it. We always hope that might be the one that breaks the case."


Biggs was reported missing on January 2, 1999. Her younger sister, Kimber, was the last person to see her.

They were supposedly playing on their block in Mesa while they were waiting for an ice cream truck. Biggs was riding her bike when her younger sister went home to talk to their mother.

Within a minute and a half, Biggs was nowhere to be found. Her bike looked as if it was tossed on the street and Bigs’ quarters were scattered on the ground.

In a matter of 30 minutes, a town-wide search was conducted by the Mesa police. In fact, there was even a helicopter with officers on a loudspeaker. They were announcing that an 11-year-old child had gone missing.


Biggs’ disappearance became very popular then and her case became the most intense investigation by the Mesa Police.

Countless fliers, 800 pieces of evidence, and thousands of tips after and Biggs is still missing up to this day. Her case still remains a huge mystery.

The public has to wait and see if the dollar bill will be able to unfold the mystery of Biggs’ disappearance.