Here are 5 rings that Prince Harry could have proposed to Meghan Markle with

Apr 29, 2018
04:56 A.M.
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are about to exchange vows soon. When he proposed to her, he personally helped in designing the perfect ring.


Before the proposal has been revealed to the public, many media outlets have predicted what ring will the prince have used to propose to his then-girlfriend.

There are five rings that Prince Harry could have picked if he hadn’t purchased the one being presently worn by Markle.

One possible ring is the Queen Mother’s engagement ring, which is a large oval-shaped sapphire with two diamond baguettes on both sides.

King George VI used it to propose to the Queen Mother, previously known as Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. At present, the ring is not being used by anyone.


Next is Queen Elizabeth II’s sapphire cluster ring. It looks almost the same as Princess Diana and Kate Middleton’s engagement rings. Although, the Queen has been seen wearing the ring on several occasions. The chances of it being passed down are quite unlikely.

The said ring was part of a set given to Her Majesty by her father, King George. It is accompanied by three necklaces, earrings, a bracelet, and two other rings.

Another possible option could have been Princess Diana’s aquamarine ring. It is the only one which is not placed in the royal vault. It belonged to Princess Diana herself.

The Queen’s sapphire diamond-shaped ring which is also part of the Queen’s Modern Sapphire Set could have been included in Prince Harry’s list of choices.


Lastly, Princess Diana’s Art Deco emerald choker could have also been picked by her youngest son. She often wore it as a tiara but it could be turned into an engagement ring is Prince Harry wished to do so. It was made by Queen Mary of Teck and it was then a lifetime loan from Queen Elizabeth II to the People’s Princess.

The choker can be seen displayed at the Buckingham Palace.

In the end, Prince Harry opted for a new ring he designed, as revealed by Express. It is a trilogy ring with a gold band and Prince Harry included a couple of his mother diamonds in it. He definitely made sure that Markle’s engagement ring was really special and meaningful.