Abandoned dog with taped mouth and legs finds rescue from passing plumbers

May 02, 2018
07:01 A.M.
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A friendly dog was abandoned after being taped and tied up.


We Love Animals reported that a couple of plumbers rescued the canine while on their way to work.

Plumbers Carlos Carrillo and his colleague from Robstown, Texas, were en route to a job location when they noticed something startling.

They noticed an unusual figure lying in a ditch by the roadside. The two stopped their vehicle, squinted into the distance to find a dog. 

They quickly made their way towards it and were shocked to see that it had been tied up tightly with cable tubes, on all fours.

The dog’s muzzle was also sealed with a duct tape. It could hardly move, let alone attract any attention.


The employees from Shoreline Plumbing were kind enough to take the troubled animal to a rescue center.


The poor canine was left all by himself with no food, water, care, and shelter. The dog would not have survived the ordeal.

It was assumed that the dog was tied up for at least a day, yet it was as friendly as it can be once it was freed by the individuals.


They loaded the tired dog onto their vehicle and took him to a local animal facility named Peewee’s Pet Adoption. The no-kill shelter was located very close to the place they found the dog in.

Everyone was surprised that the dog was not aggressive at all, despite having gone through the trouble. It was indeed a happy news for the staff at the animal rescue center and the dog. He could now hope to get adopted quickly.

The shelter’s vet conducted a medical examination found that the dog was in a very good condition, despite a few heartworms. This was not something to worry about as it only required a course of medication to rid.

The happy dog did not stop wagging his tail since he was rescued and it was evident he loved people.