Woman wears the same hairstyle for 37 years. But then she gets stunning makeover

Pedro Marrero
May 02, 2018
06:27 A.M.
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She’d been wearing the same complicated hairstyle since before her daughters could remember, and it was making her look much older than she felt inside.


According to a Shared report, in 2003, one brave woman named Joan Irvine took a stand against time. For decades, her daughters said, she sported a beehive hairdo. She was a little afraid to let go. That's when Oprah's team gave her a nice new do.

The beehive wasn’s just something she did, it became part of who she was. She was so dedicated to creating this unique style that used several brushes, four different kinds of rollers, layers upon layers of hairspray, and tons of hairpins.

After she finished rolling her hair, she sat under a hairdryer for 45 minutes. When the rollers came off, Joan continued to brush her hair and then teased it a bit more. Finally, she put the finishing touches on it and used hairspray to keep it in place.


This Wednesday morning routine would allow her to get the hairstyle that would hold up for the entire next week. Joan did this routine for 37 years and became known for her hairstyle.


Joan’s daughters Cindy and Christine noticed that it makes her look much older than her age.  The beehive would have you think she’s the girls’ grandmother instead of her mother, a stunning grandmother, but still much older than Joan really is.

Joan’s wardrobe and makeup were sorely lacking, too. Cindy and Christine appealed to Oprah Winfrey for help, and Oprah, in turn, asked actress and style mogul Victoria Principal to step in and update Joan’s look.

After the audience viewed the video footage of Joan’s hair-styling process, the moment for the makeover reveal arrived, and Oprah asked Joan to come out. And when she did, the audience screamed with delight over the transformation.


Christine and Cindy’s jaw dropped when they saw their mother’s new look and quickly ran up to hug her. Oprah can be seen just as stunned at the total change. Joan looked like a completely different woman and much younger.

13 years later after the show, Oprah caught up with Joan and she kept her makeover look. She also admitted that it has saved her a lot of time.