May 02, 2018

Kendall Jenner shows off her long legs in high-waisted jeans amid rumors about her pregnancy

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- AmoMama brings you reports detailed from ‘Daily Mail’ which has it that Kendall Jenner made a recent public appearance.

- Even though alone on the outing, she looked so happy and beautiful rocking high-waisted gray jeans and a white top cropped to show off her toned tummy.

- As AmoMama reported before, the young beauty is allegedly pregnant following an announcement by a famous gossip site.


This came after the twenty-two-year-old model missed the couture week that held in Paris and if true, this is because she’s pregnant!

This would make for one hell of a show if proven correct and it’s no doubt that famous momager Kris Jenner would love this!

It was recently rumored that she wants to raise all of her grandchildren at the same time!

Today, however, Kendall Jenner didn’t make any means of hiding her tummy as she showed off her toned legs in high waisted jeans while having a fun day out in Los Angeles.


She rocked the look perfectly pairing it with tall boots which only added to her tall height making her look like the beauty queen she really is.

The renowned beauty looked very carefree with her face barely made up and her styled into a tight bun that seemed to accentuate her facial features.

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She does deserve the free time especially after reports that her boyfriend, Blake Griffin had allegedly broken up with his ex-fiancée just to be with Kendall!

The basketball player is still at it and has reportedly asked for a palimony lawsuit lodged against him by his former fiancee to be thrown out of court.


Kendall is not left out of the matter as Blake’s ex reportedly mentioned her in the lawsuit which makes her an important part of the case.

The couple’s relationship has been doused by all the troubles and we can’t imagine what a pregnancy would bring into all the mix!

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Could she be pregnant?

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Source: Daily Mail.