Al Roker's first wife was a beautiful white woman. Their daughter is all grown up and beautiful

- AmoMama brings you reports detailed from ‘Hitberry’ and ‘Frost Snow’ which has it that Al Roker’s first wife is Alice Bell with whom he had a beautiful daughter.

- Although their marriage didn’t last very long, it produced Courtney Roker who has grown up into a very beautiful woman.

- The famous weather anchor is now known to be married to his second wife, Deborah Roberts.

Our sources report that everything is going very well with Al Roker whose new relationship with Deborah looks like a match made in heaven.

If you don’t know who Al is, he is the weather anchor of NBC's Today, and he was previously married to WNBC producer Alice Bell in 1984.

They were like the perfect celeb couple, but their success on screen didn’t extend into their marriage as they split eight years after in 1992.

Soon after, Al again delved into the institution legalizing his union with Deborah Roberts who is his fellow journalist.

This was in 1995 after their first meeting in 1990 when Deborah had newly joined NBC.

They now have two children together, a daughter, Leila Roker [born in 2002] and a son, Nicholas Albert Roker [born in 2003] which makes Al a father of three.

Unlike his previous marriage to Alice Bell who is white-skinned, his marriage to Deborah has lasted well over 20 years!

Our sources report that Courtney Roker, a product of his marriage to Bell, lives happily with him and his new family.

This makes Roberts one hell of a woman to have lovingly accepted and raised Courtney as her very own.

She is a well-renowned American journalist but even better, is the perfect wife to her husband, Roker who never ceases to praise her when given the opportunity.


‘She's a very compassionate person and I think has instilled that in our kids and a lot of it's rubbed off on me.’

Unlike what a lot of people expected of the union, it has been a very loving and beautiful union, one filled with so much happiness and content as revealed by Al’s words.

We sure hope things continue to go well for them.

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Did you know Al was previously married to a white woman?