Tristan Thompson reportedly regrets 'cheating' on Khloe after being benched in NBA playoffs

Tristan Thompson was branded a cheat and as AmoMama noted, benched by his team for a few games during the playoffs. As Hollywood Life reports, the cheating almost got in the way of his career and he has been remorseful of his actions after that.

Tristan Thompson, 27, was caught cheating on his then-pregnant girlfriend, Khloe Kardashian a few weeks ago. The scandal broke and almost messes with hos career after he was booed off the court in a match for his side, the Cleveland Cavaliers. The baller was benched for the next match and it was speculated this would keep happening for a while.

Probably seeing that happen to his career caused the athlete to be remorseful for his actions as a source told HL. “Tristan has major regrets over being caught with other women. His life has been challenging and [he] genuinely feels bad for hurting Khloe.” We pause here to note that he was remorseful for getting caught…

The player is reportedly upset over the treatment he received after the videos of him with other women came out. The source added that his teammates too looked at him differently as did strangers on the streets and in restaurants. The coaches too are not sympathetic, the source adds.

“He feels like he really screwed up and it sucks to be him right now. Tristan is confused and upset over his lack of playing time in the Playoffs and wonders what, if anything, his lack of minutes has to do with him cheating on Khloe. He doesn’t think coaches would discipline him instead of chase the championship. But he is still paranoid and wonders. He wishes he was on the floor helping his team wins and feels horrible about being on the bench. It has been humbling for him and doubt lingers as to why he is not a factor in the Playoffs.”

Tristan is now back in the court and was buoyed by his team’s win a week ago. Looks like the drama is behind him for now.

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