Jessa Duggar gets slammed after sharing a video of son and spurgeon playing outside

Jessa Duggar was mommy-shamed yet again, and this has been something she's had to deal with every time she shares a photo or video of her sons on social media. 

Recently, Jessa posted a video of her 1-year-old son Henry playing outside. Again, mommy-shamers were complaining about the same thing they complained about months ago. 

As previously shared by In Touch Weekly, Duggar posted an Instagram video last April 26 of her two boys Henry nd Spurgeon exploring the outdoors together. In the video, the two younglings were walking on a sidewalk. The two began to chase each other, and fans were irked when they saw Henry running without any shoes on. 

Fans were concerned that Jessa was not even concerned with Henry possible getting stabbed in the foot with some unknown object while they were out. 

And yet again, Duggar posted a video of her little boy playing in their backyard barefoot, which caused the same chain reaction  from fans who have reiterated the mother's lack of concern for her child. 

While some fans were keen on scolding Jessa on her choice of always  having Henry go out barefoot, other fans came to her defense saying that 'barefoot babies are happy babies'. 

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