Down syndrome boy and girl with rare gene mutation find an unlikely friendship in each other

May 07, 2018
01:48 A.M.
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Their friendship has warmed a thousand hearts and their disabilities have not weakened their capacity for love.


Inspire More reported that Connor did all he could so his best friend could have an unforgettable prom night.

Connor was born with Down Syndrome, while Ciera developed a rare gene mutation leading to severe cognitive uses. However, their conditions have not held them back in life and the two spend their days with love and laughter.

Ciera’s mother, Carissa, revealed that her daughter has had a difficult journey so far. It began with severe seizures when she was in the third grade. It led to brain damage, keeping her brain in a permanent state of third grade-level cognition.

The once-vibrant girl was then isolated by her peers. No one really understood why she was not like them. The birthday party invitations ceased to come by and the mother’s heart broke to see her daughter so happy, yet all alone.


However, things quickly changed when she met Connor in one of her special education classes. The mother had prayed for someone who would treasure Ciera and her friendship, and Connor was the person.

'For a long time, she struggled with her place in their world and to finding true friendship. Connor swooped in and saved her from living life alone to being a part of togetherness and love,' said Carissa.


Connor soon grew close to her and their friendship flourished. Carissa said that the young boy is constantly checking in on her and complimenting her. 

He has also brought along his group of friends and they share the same love for Ciera and fight over who gets to sit next to her. They are certainly not happy if of them is not nice to her.


Ciera needed surgery for severe scoliosis she was suffering from. It coincided with her prom that year and dance was ruled out for her.

The young girl was devastated by the news. However, Connor had things planned up for her. The day before the surgery, he brought all her favorite things to cheered her up.

On the day of the surgery, he was worried for his friend. His teacher rang up to Carissa to let them know once the surgery was over.


Connor even planned to make the year’s prom an unforgettable experience for her. On the day of their date, Carissa said, 'they could see the sparkle in Connor’s eyes. He. Was. SMITTEN!'

He was a gentleman, who opened the car door for her and took her to her favorite restaurant, Chick-Fil-A. The duo then made their way to the dance.

Carissa received numerous messages and texts from the senior girls about how much fun they were having with Connor and Ciera. The two were the stars of the show. She described the two as the 'epitome of "Love is patient, love is kind."'