Toddler abandoned in dark daycare after staff mistook her for a doll

Edduin Carvajal
May 07, 2018
08:45 A.M.
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Even though the All Things are Possible for Kids daycare center in Chicago had not had any problems in the past, they made a terrible mistake in 2015.


As reported by Fox Chicago, Cornelius Jones went to the facility to pick up his then-1-year-old daughter a couple of minutes before they usually closed. When he approached the front door, he noticed that the building’s lights were off and the door was locked.

Jones began knocking on the door and ringing the bell expecting that someone would get out with his daughter, but it never happened. He then called the business number several times without response.

A desperate Jones frantically kicked at the solid door to try to take it down but it wasn’t enough. At that point, he heard Journee, his daughter, crying inside the building.


He immediately called 911 and Quanesha Borum, Journee’s mother. The fire department arrived at the scene in no time and force-opened the door to see Journee crawling in the dark.

‘One of the police officers flashed a light to the left and flashed it back to the right and that's when I saw her crawling towards us screaming and my heart just dropped.’


Cornelius Jones, Fox Chicago, October 20, 2015.

Jones pointed out that some workers claimed to be in the back of the daycare at the time he arrived. The daycare director, Tommie Butler, never appeared on camera but admitted that it was an accident.

According to Butler, the person in charge of Journee confirmed that all of the children she was in charge of had been picked up. They even checked twice and allegedly thought that Journee was a doll.

Jones and Borum confessed that they wanted the daycare to be shut down as nobody should go through what they had to endure because of an irresponsible action.

The Department of Children and Family Services recommends parents visit several facilities and make sure their children would be okay before choosing a daycare for them.