These 25 restaurants will give you a free meal on your birthday

Preeti Pillai
May 07, 2018
08:55 P.M.

There is no better way to celebrate one complete revolution around the sun than having a full stomach for no cost.


According to Shared, the restaurant industry has realized that making someone's day on their birthday is not only a heartwarming gesture but also a ploy to create a bunch of happy and loyal customers.

Birthday celebrations are a universally followed custom. It is a day when a person not only celebrates being born but also celebrates living the gift of life to the fullest.

It is indeed a wonderful feeling when one's close friends and family members shower them with love, gifts and blessings. It is even better when a restaurant offers free food as a gesture on one's birthday.

Here is a list of 25 restaurants that will take no charge for a birthday celebration.

1. Applebee's:


The chain offers free dessert if a person happens to visit any of their stores on their birthday. To satiate their sweet tooth, Applebee's asks its customers to sign up to their EClub.

2. Denny's:

Denny's offers a wholesome Grand Slam breakfast if one can provide an identification proof at any of their stores.

3. Arby's


Arby's hands over irresistible deals through their portal. If it is a birthday celebration, the chain offers a free sandwich when one sandwich is purchased. Arby's also offers a free Beef'N Cheddar sandwich on signing up.


The International House of Pancakes has a sweet deal for the birthday people. The chain offers a free stack of pancakes if a visit to their store falls on one's birthday. The deal can be found here.

5. Waffle House


Another dessert chain, Waffle House, offers free waffles for people celebrating their birthday. All they need to do is sign up for the Regular's Club here before their birthday.

6. Baskin Robbins:


The famous ice cream chain offers their customers a delightful experience on their birthdays. If the customer is part of the Baskin Robbins Club 31, they can get a free scoop along with a sneak peek into the chain's new flavors.

7. Dairy Queen:

Dairy Queen offers its birthday-celebrating customers with a free Dairy Queen blizzard. Customers can enjoy this deal on the soft serve by joining the chain's DQ Blizzard Fan Club.

8. Ruby Tuesday:


The fast-food restaurant urges its customers to sign up on their portal to enjoy a Garden bar entree or a free burger on their birthday.

9. Zaxby's:


Zaxby's throws in a chicken slider sandwich paired with their signature sauce for no charge if it is the customer's birthday. All they need to do is subscribe to their Mail Club here.

10. Qdoba Mexican Grill:

For people who feel adventurous with Mexican food on their birthday, the popular chain offers them a free burrito after they sign up for the Rewards Club.

11. Olive Garden:


A member of the Olive Garden eClub can enjoy a free dessert on their birthday if they enter their correct details while signing up and getting the coupon.

12. Sprinkles:

The world's first cupcake shop proudly offers a unique treat if the customer goes to one of the chain's stores on their birthday after they register for the bakery's reward program here.

13. Starbucks:


The popular chain offers a free drink of any size on their customer's birthday. If the customer is a 'Gold' member, they can choose between a drink or a food item.

14. Red Robin:

Once customers sign up for the Red Robin Royalty, the restaurant throws in a free burger on the house on their birthday.

15. Joe's Crab Shack:


The restaurant offers a free appetizer to their customers who visit them on their birthday. Customers need to sign up on Joe's Catch e-Club to avail the benefits.

16. Noodles and Company:


If a customer is part of the Noodles and Company eClub, they can get a coupon for a free bowl of noodles on their birthday.

17. Dunkin' Donuts:


Once a customer opts in for the Dunkin' Donuts' mailing list here, they can enjoy a lot of perks, including a free medium beverage on their birthday.

18. Hooters:


A member of the Hooters eClub can enjoy a free dish of 10 lip-smacking chicken wings. The offer still remains until a week after the customer's birthday.

19. Pinkberry:


Pinkberry offers a lot of cool treats, including a free froyo, to its customers that visit their store on their birthday. Customers can signup here and get their loyalty card.

20. Krispy Kreme:


If a customer signs up for the dessert chain's rewards program, they can enjoy the delicious Krispy Kreme doughnut on their birthday.

21. Firehouse Subs:


Firehouse Subs does not force their customers to sign up on any portal before giving away a free sub on their customer's birthday. All the customer needs is a valid I.D. proof.

22. Moe's Southwest Grill:


The chain offers its customers a free burrito on their birthday. Customers can sign up here to avail the freebie.

23. Texas Roadhouse:


The popular country restaurant offers a free appetizer to their birthday customers after they sign up on their website.

24. Cracker Barrel:


The dessert chain will throw in a free dessert and birthday song for their customers who visit their stores on their birthdays.

25. Jersey Mike's:

Joining the Jersey Mike's mailing list will give the customers a chance to grab on to a free sub and a drink on their birthday.

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