Jackie Jackson is married to a younger white woman. His twins are young enough to be his grandkids

- AmoMama brings you reports detailed from ‘Rejina Gossip Fix’ and ‘BCK Online’ which has it that Jackie Jackson has a much younger white-skinned wife.

- What makes for even more surprising news is that the couple has two children together who look like they’d be Jackie's grandkids!

- This, however, doesn’t make the family any less adorable going by the family photos shared by our sources.

Jackie, who is the oldest member of the famous Jackson family, is married to Emily Besselink-Jackson with whom he has twin children.

The highly contrasting couple legalised their union in 2012 amidst great speculations by his large fan following.

The couple has since stayed out of the public eye but came out of their shells in 2014 following the birth of their twin boys, Jaylen and River, in December.

Jackie who is now 66 years old looks ever young standing proudly by his 38-year-old wife.

Oh by the way, Emily is actually younger than Jackie’s son, Sigmund Jackson who he had with his now late ex-wife, Enid Jackson.

The family seem to be doing very well and have a great relationship as Jackie and Emily were in attendance on Sigmund’s wedding last year.

And just as expected, came with their twin cuties who are just so much cuteness overload!

Jaylen and River who are now three years old have grown really big and made the perfect duo all suited up at Siggy’s wedding to his African American wife.

This was a rather big surprise for many as it makes Siggy an exception in the Jackson family who are especially known to marry white women.

This is just like his papa, Jackie who married African American Enid back the 80swhen the Jackson men were particularly known for their taste in women.

Jackie has however taken to the old rules by marrying Emily but you have to agree that they do make a beautiful couple!

Our sources also report that Jaylen and River especially love to hang out with their papa while he is busy making music we all love.

Follow the source link to see more photos.

What do you think of Jackie’s adorable twins?

Sound off in the comments section below.

Source: Rejina Gossip Fix, BCK Online.

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