Hero cashier snatches baby from fainting mom just at the right moment

Preeti Pillai
May 09, 2018
02:49 A.M.

The customer looked normal when she reached the cashier's desk. The cashier noticed something weird moments later.


As reported by KDVR, a cashier, Rebecca Montano, working at a Farm Crest Milk Stores store in Arvada, Colorado, grabbed the baby of a young mother before she collapsed from a seizure on March 13, 2016.

The surveillance camera captured the moment when the mother fell down abruptly, as reported by The Epoch Times. Moments before she did, Montano was seen getting hold of her baby.

The customer had grabbed a soft drink and was about to check out and leave. Montano told ABC Denver 7 that she was trying to talk to her and make the baby smile. Montano noticed that all of a sudden the customer's face went blank.

She realized that the young mother was not feeling alright. Montano, who is a mother of five, instinctively grabbed the baby from her arms.

Seconds later, the customer lost all her control and started to wobble. She collapsed but Montano held her arm. She struggled to hold the baby as well as the mother at the same time.


Montano lost control and the young mother fell and hit her head badly.

Montano expressed that she was very scared and wanted to save the baby from getting injured. She realized that if the lady had fallen down with the baby, there was no way for the baby to land safely.

Once the lady fell down, another customer approached the cashier's desk and helped Montano call 911. Montano gave the baby to the customer and spoke with the officials about the incident and urged them to send help immediately.

Soon, help arrived and the mother was taken to the hospital. The police mentioned that Montano did the right thing by holding on the baby first. If she hadn't done that, the baby's life was in jeopardy.

The young mother later visited the convenience store again to thank Montano for rescuing her child.

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