Сomedian Bill Cosby starts life as an inmate but his surroundings are very plush

May 09, 2018
07:40 A.M.
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- 'The Cosby Show' lead star who became widely known for his brilliant comedic acts in several television sitcoms and films was recently found guilty in his 'sexual assault retrial.'


- Last April 26 of this year, the 80-year-old disgraced multi-awarded actor-comedian-musician was reportedly forced to fit a 'GPS ankle bracelet' pre-sentencing.

- We acquired the latest details of Bill Cosby's pre-sentencing conditions on 'CBS,' and AmoMama further found out that he's currently confined to home with very plush surroundings.


Bill Cosby, who was stripped off of his multiple honorary awards due to his 'convictions and allegations of sexual assault,' as noted on his 'Wikipedia' bio, is reportedly presently confined in his luxurious Philadelphia house.

The 'Lone Sailor Award by the United States Navy Memorial' recipient in 2010 apparently can only leave his plush abode to meet his lawyers or see a doctor, according to the report.


Aside from being confined to his home after he was found guilty of his 'sexual assault retrial' a few days back in Norristown, Pennsylvania, he's reportedly forced to wear an ankle bracelet with pre-sentencing conditions, apparently, to ensure compliance.

The report has it that after a couple of days he was found guilty, the disgraced comedian has already begun his life as an inmate.


However, his environment that he's confined with is way far nicer than they likely to be in a few months as the report continues.

The source news outlet continued that a judge said, Bill Cosby will be confined to his suburban mansion in Philadelphia where the jurors reportedly concluded he 'drugged and molested' an administrator of women's basketball at the 'Temple University.'

Additionally, he was reportedly ordered to wear a 'GPS ankle bracelet' to keep an eye that he's in compliance as part of his pre-sentencing conditions. 


Moreover, the report further added that it was Judge Steven O'Neill who ruled last Friday that Bill Cosby may only leave his house to see his lawyers or visit his doctor, but he must get permission first before doing anything until sentencing.

It's quite sad and disappointing how America's Dad had lived a 'sordid double life.'



Lastly, on Thursday Bill Cosby was reportedly convicted of 3 counts of 'aggravated indecent assault,' today, he faces the possibility of spending the rest of his life behind bars.

Though his legal team reportedly blasted the retrial as a 'public lynching,' and apparently, they are starting to look ahead to an appeal.

Isn't it just unbelievable how the most awarded honorary recipient and well-loved American dad's course of life turned out?

Source: CBC