Jason Duggar turns 18 already and as all of his family, he may be getting married very soon

Claudine Varela
May 09, 2018
08:24 P.M.
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The 12th child of Bob and Michelle are suspected to be announcing his courtship soon now that he's supposedly of age to do so. 


Now that Jason Duggar has turned 18, many are wondering if he’ll be courting anyone soon and tying the knot.

As many know by now, the Duggar clan has been notorious for waiting for the 18-year-mark before entertaining any thoughts of getting married and starting a family. And when Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s 12th child reached that magic number lately, many predict it won’t be long before he finds a girl to marry, gets hitched and has a child, like some of his siblings did.


But that doesn’t seem to be in Jason’s horizon anytime soon as the Inquisitr recently revealed the young man has no potential love interest as of now, as indicated by photos from his birthday party.

Celebrating his milestone before he actually turned 18 because his family had to be in Texas for a convention, Jason posed for a photo with a homemade birthday treat consisting of ice cream and cookie crumble. His parents shared the snap on the family’s Instagram page along with a touching message. 

“Jason! The big 18! We love you so much! You have a very bright future ahead because of your commitment to Christ and your kind way of caring for and serving others. We love the great example you are for your younger brothers and sisters. We are thankful for so many wonderful memories and the exciting days to come! It was a lot of fun to celebrate you with family and friends at your early birthday party.”


Meanwhile, photos from Jason’s party were also posted on the family Facebook page which included his younger sisters Josie and Johannah enjoying the ice cream cake and one where Michelle stood beside the birthday boy as guests gathered around them. Also making a rare appearance in photos was Joy Anna Duggar and her husband Austin Forsythe who’ve been laying low from social media since February when they welcomed their first child. 


The couple who began their courtship when they were only nineteen and managed to get married and have a child a year and three months later is the exact reason why fans predict Jason may be getting hitched soon. One fan even went down to specifics and shared his projected timeline for Jason’s future.   

“Next week they will announce he’s courting, [three] months later the wedding. [Two] months after the baby announcement.”

Meanwhile, contrary to what is expected, Jason now joins his other older siblings who are still single despite the fact that they’re over the age of 18.  Twins Jana and John David are 28 while twins Jedidiah and Jeremiah are 19. 

The Duggars have never publicly proclaimed an age when their kids should begin courtship.  But it has been a fact that none of them so far have announced their courtships before they turned 18.  So if indeed Jason will be taking the same route, only time will surely tell.