'Long Island Medium' Theresa Caputo strikes back the critics who say her readings are fake

The famous star of Long Island Medium had some choice words for her doubters as she spoke up in defense of her readings.

Speaking with Paper magazine, Theresa Caputo got candid about how she connects with the spirits of the departed people and defended herself against the doubters who are claiming her readings to be 'cold readings.'

According to the source, Caputo had received several criticisms from the public, who are claiming that she is only revealing general things that can be relatable to anyone who had lost a loved one.

Paper further reported that during an appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan, Caputo performed a live reading in which she told the crowd that she was feeling the presence of a 'father figure' who departed suddenly due to chest related issues.

Immediately after, a woman raised her hand in recognition. However, the source suggested that it is not that surprising a coincidence given the fact that heart disease is a common problem as well as the leading cause of death for adults in the United States.

In her defense, Caputo told Paper that "there are only so many ways that people can die and common burdens and guilt that we might carry," so it was not her fault - or that of the spirit - that her readings carried generic messages or situations.

She further argued that she always tries to talk to the spirit about unique experiences that no one else could have gone through. "Because nobody can take away from you what you experienced or tell you what you experienced wasn't real," she told in the interview.

The source also prompted Caputo to speak about the responsibility she carries while speaking to the dead loved ones of the clients.

To this, Caputo replied that she was just a "vessel" that the spirits use to communicate and it was all up to her clients to hear the messages and use them as they see fit into their own lives.

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