Talking dog caught on camera as he argues with his owner

Ksenia Novikova
May 13, 2018
06:09 A.M.
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There are many dog owners out there who wish their dogs could talk to them.


Charlie is one dog who comes close to speaking like a human and his conversation has gone viral on social media.

Dog owners insist that their dogs perfectly understand them. Charlie has an interesting nighttime routine. 

The spoiled dog “argues” with his owner over bedtime.

He is perhaps annoyed with all the human talk around. Or maybe people wound him do not allow him to express his thoughts often. Or it could just be his way of saying he is against “the blahs”

The dog argues every night, but it is leaving everyone in splits. He has the greatest voice one has ever heard come from a dog.


While at times it sounds like he is saying, “blah blah blah” like the teachers in Charlie Brown, at other times it sounds like he is saying, “I love you.”

Either way, he is going viral on the internet. A YouTube user, Brittany Iansburg, uploaded the video of her dog.


She captioned the video as, ‘Met a dog named Charlie, he decided he wanted to have a nice chat with me.’

The video that was first uploaded on February 10, 2015, has been watched over 200,000 times on the video-sharing platform. Many have commented their reactions after watching the hilarious video.

Charlie does not seem to allow his owner to talk and constantly interrupts her with “blah blah blah,” giving a sense that he is annoyed with her. The 33-second video has him trying to silence Brittany throughout.

There have been other instances of dogs trying to speak with owners. Another video which went viral showed a dog barking softly whenever he asked him to.

There was another stubborn husky who argued with his owner when she asked him to leave the park.