Mom who gave birth to 13-lb baby said she looked like a toddler

Christine Corbitt had welcomed to the world three children before having her fourth one, Carleigh. However, she knew there was something different with this baby.

As she approached her due date, her belly was bigger than expected. Dr. Eric Edelenbos, who was in charge of Corbitt’s first pregnancy, also helped her deliver Carleigh.

According to the video that the Orange Park Medical Center uploaded to its YouTube channel, Christine was 39 weeks into her pregnancy and, due to the size of her belly, they scheduled a C-section.

When the surgery ended, Carleigh was held by the nurses who weighed and dressed her and, over the curtains, Christine noticed that the baby was very big. Her husband, who was in the delivery room, surprised her saying that Carleigh was 13 pounds 5 ounces.

Action News Jax revealed that Christine had had 9 and 10-pounds babies before, so she thought that Carleigh was going to be 10 pounds, as well. She never expected her to be that big, though.

Doctors later discovered that the baby had low sugar levels because she suffered gestational diabetes, which made them put her into the NICU for four days where they monitored her health.

Christine pointed out that the staff at the hospital did a great job keeping her updated on Carleigh’s condition.

There was a nurse, Katie Davis, who requested to be in charge of Carleigh on a daily basis during the entire four days she was at the hospital.

That fact made Christine feel better because she knew there was always someone taking care of her baby, feeding and changing her every time she needed so.

While most mothers want to run out of the hospital after they give birth, the staff at the Orange Park Medical Center treated her and her baby so well that she confessed she could have stayed there more days if needed.

When everything ended and she was heading back home with Carleigh, she confessed that she was done having babies.

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