Prince Philip makes first public appearance since he left the hospital after surgery

He sat behind the wheel on an occasion very close to his heart.

The Sun reported on the sighting of The Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip on a beautiful spring day in Windsor.

He did have a hip replacement surgery recently, but that did not stop him from stepping into his Land Rover to drive to one of his favorite events - the Royal Windsor Horse Show

The 96-year-old was seen driving for the first time since the surgery, and several followers of the royal family lined up on the sides of the street to greet the Queen's husband.

When he was passing by his wife, he stopped for a short discussion with her. The Queen walked up to the car, and the royal couple had a quick chat.

Prince Philip looked well-rested and lively in his casual ensemble, enjoying the activity of sitting behind the wheel just over a month after the medical procedure.

He is believed to have recovered well, which still leaves hope that he might be able to attend the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on May 19 at St. George's Chapel in Windsor.

The Queen looked pleased with her husband's endeavor, and the duo appeared to enjoy the event that reflected their love for equestrian sports.

The matriarch was dressed in a stylish top and pleated black-and-white skirt, keeping herself warm with a navy blue puffer jacket.

The Queen also wore a floral pink scarf and a pair of dark sunglasses to equip herself for the weather.

She was photographed popping her head close to the car's window to greet Prince Philip, and the couple also shared a smile. The Queen was also seen socializing with other horse lovers.

This year was special for the annual horse show tradition, as it completed 75 years. In the past, Prince Philip was an active participant in the show's events, including carriage driving.

The Queen, who is also known for her fascination with horses and equestrian sport, first graced the event in 1943 and has attended every year since.

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