Kind repo man surprises elderly couple by paying off their car

May 14, 2018
03:59 A.M.

This couple's ledger was running deep into the red when someone completely unexpected decided he needed to help them out.


Stan and Pat Kipping were starting to get behind in their bills. Before they knew it, they could no longer afford to pay the $100 per month payment on their 1998 Buick Century.

As reported by CBS News, the couple next received a visit from a repo man, Jim Ford, who was tasked with repossessing the car.

Pat admitted that she knew they were going to lose the car, and just prayed to God that he just take care of them.

But they had no idea what would end up happening after Ford towed their car away. The repo man confessed that he made it just one block before the guilt took over completely.

"They're like America's grandparents. I saw my grandparents in them. And I made it a block before I pulled over and called the bank. And I asked them if I could pay off the past due amount," Ford said.

He did just that, and then had the car detailed and the oil changed. He also started up a GoFundMe page, in the hopes that he would be able to pay off the rest of the loan on the car.


When he returned the car to Stan and Pat, they were absolutely overwhelmed at this amazing act of kindness from the last person in the world they would have expected it from.

Ford had even put a frozen turkey in the front of the car for the elderly couple!

He then proceeded to tell them that the full amount of the loan on the car had been paid in full, and handed Pat an envelope with the left over money in in. There was over $17,000 in that envelope.

Stan is a retired military veteran, who has been showing the early signs of Alzheimer's disease. Ford's unbelievable generosity and kindness was just what the couple had prayed for, and restored their faith in people.

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