'Kevin Can Wait' stars say goodbye after show's cancellation

Kevin Can Wait, the sitcom that had Kevin James as its principal star, was canceled after its second season. Members of the cast shared their feelings on social media.

One of them was, of course, James, who portrayed retired police officer Kevin Gable. He took to his Instagram account on May 12 to post a photo of a leather jacket that had the name of the show on one sleeve.

In the caption, he thanked all the fans for the love and support they sent during the two seasons the show was on their screens. He added that he felt blessed for working with ‘the most amazing’ cast, crew, writers, and support team.

James also thanked CBS and Sony, the networks in charge of producing and distributing the show, and pointed out that he wouldn’t trade that experience for ‘anything in the world... Okay, maybe a season 3.’

His photo has almost 24,000 likes and more than 800 comments so far, proving that fans cared about the series. Apart from James, Leah Remini also used her social media account to share her feelings.

She uploaded a selfie showing her next to James, who was wearing a New York Mets baseball hat. Her message was similar to the one her co-worker shared as she thanked the cast, crew, producers, and writers, as well.

Remini added that she was grateful because they accepted her open arms. She pointed out that working with James again day after day was a ‘Godsend’ as she laughed every day. Her photo has almost 93,000 likes and more than 2,000 comments so far.

Andy Fickman, the series’ executive producer, also took to his Instagram account to post a photo showing four hats related to Kevin Can Wait. His caption was shorted as he said that he was proud of their job.

He also thanked the people of Long Island who welcomed them with ‘open hearts.’ Fickman finally said that he was ready for the next adventure but that he would always treasure this show’s memories.

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