Previously chained bull jumps for joy when experiencing freedom for first time

Edduin Carvajal
May 14, 2018
01:58 P.M.
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Gut Aiderbichl, an animal refuge that does its best to help animals in need, posted a video on their YouTube channel that quickly became viral.

It showed Christian, one of the members of the organization, heading towards the stable where a young bull named Bandit was held. The reason that drove him there was that Bandit had been chained most of his life.

In the video, Bandit is shown next to a wall clearly anxious when Christian approached him. The first thing he did was pet the bull, a gesture that Bandit appreciated as he started licking the man.

Bandit later was trying his best to remove the chain from his neck but, of course, he couldn’t do it. Christian helped him doing so and, a couple of seconds after the bull realized he was free, he got out of his ‘prison’ and started jumping.


His priceless reaction was what made the video so popular, as Bandit not only jumped around the stable but also played with the stalk scattered on the floor.

Christian and his team helped Bandit get in the back of the truck so he could be transported to the Gut Aiderbichl facility, where he could live a better and more comfortable life.


When they got to their final destination, the bull was nor sure about hopping out of the truck. As soon as Christian led his way out, Bandit’s excitement emerged again as he started jumping and running.

The hyperactive young bull is now being held in a bigger cage with no chains on, where he can play as much as he wants. Bandit and Christian created a strong bond, which is evident at the end of the video.

When Christian is in the cage with Bandit, the bull is calmed and relaxed. Christian can even place his forehead on Bandit’s one as a way to prove how good friends they became.