Toddler reacts to seeing rain for the first time

May 19, 2018
05:48 A.M.
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As she seemed confused by what was happening outside, her father decided to take her out and show her. 


Little Harper was perplexed by the rainfall at her home one summer day, and her dad wanted to help her understand it better. 

In a sweet video shared to YouTube, he can be heard asking her if she wants to go out into the rain. She looks utterly mesmerized for a second, staring out the front door, before her father starts walking her closer to it. 

As he does, a small smile quickly grows into a huge grin across her face, and she reaches out to the rain. 

Running outside with his daughter in his arms, Harper's dad bounces up and down with her, shouting excitedly over the downpour. The adorable little tot can't help but giggle at his antics and the new experience. 


He quickly runs back inside, but Harper is too excited and continues to laugh as they return to the safety of the house. 

Once back inside, Harper's giggle seems to fade, and she quickly points back outside with an indiscernible noise. 


"More?" her dad asks, and her beautiful grin is enough of an answer for him. "Ok, one more time. Here we go," he promises her. Her awestruck expression with her hands over her mouth is just too cute for words. 

As he heads back outside with her, her delighted little squeals are too precious, just like her enthrallment at the water falling down her sweet cheeks. 

But dad has now created a little monster, as Harper doesn't want to stay inside anymore! He carries her out once more into the rain, before setting her down on her feet. As soon as he does, off she goes outside again. 

He grabs her by the hand this time, allowing her to walk out into the rain with her tiny bare feet.