Sarah Ferguson's behavior regarding her ex-husband raises wedding suspicions among fans

This is what makes their relationship look special despite being divorced for over 20 years.

When Sarah Ferguson and her husband Prince Andrew split in 1996, the news was heartbreaking to many fans of the royal couple.

However, they seem to have continued to support each other and remained great friends since their divorce.

58-year-old Ferguson expressed her admiration for her ex-husband in a recent social media post, in which she shared three pictures featuring him, and wrote a heartfelt caption.

The author and television personality wrote a congratulatory message addressing Prince Andrew, as he was bestowed with the title of Honorary Fellow at Cambridge University.

She also mentioned that Prince Andrew got to meet and interact with a lot of students at the event.

The Duchess of York seemed to be updated about the developments of the Duke’s life, and her online fans found it adorable that the duo is still in good terms with each other.

The duo has also reportedly been living together despite their divorce at the Royal Lodge in Windsor, according to Express UK.

The first of the trilogy of photos shared by Ferguson featured Prince Andrew standing in the congregation ceremony cloak, smiling off-camera as he appeared to be beaming with pride.

The 58-year-old was photographed wearing a classic blue suit with a light blue undershirt and a pale yellow patterned tie.

Behind him was the poster of Hughes Hall, one of the renowned colleges under the wing of Cambridge University.

In the second picture, Prince Andrew was seen addressing an audience of a few students, teachers and staff while standing behind a podium.

The third photo belonged to a different post, in which Ferguson informed followers that the Cambridge Judge Business School was inaugurated by the Duke.

In the photo, the Duke is seen standing next to the foundation stone of the institution bearing a note with his name mentioned on it.

Prince Andrew seemed to look in awe at the black-and-gold engraving, and the post attracted several congratulatory messages for him.

One follower, Mary Mangan, wrote that it was heartwarming to see the couple support and respect each other. Another fan, Shelley, said that their daughters have great examples of true love and parenting.

On the other hand, one follower, Lisa Cheryl, commented cheekily on the photo that Andrew and Sarah were still in love with each other.

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