Majestic white peacock caught on camera

May 22, 2018
01:28 P.M.
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The colorful birds are considered one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet.


A video uploaded on YouTube showed a peacock sans the iridescent blue-and-green plumage.

This particular bird featured in the video is an exception. However, the rare peacock is as beautiful as its colorful counterparts.

One may have seen and loved the Indian peacocks, especially the male variety. Not many people know that there exists a white peacock too.

Called a leucistic peacock, it is also known as ‘albino peacock.’

The video captures a white peacock showing the full display of the beauty of its train. Though it is in stark urban surroundings does not take away from the breathtaking act.


According to Joseph R. Jehl, Jr., ‘Leucism is the complete loss of a particular pigment, or all pigments, in feathers…’ 

It is a condition that can affect some animals and is similar to albinism observed in humans. 

The absence of a single pigment or multiple pigments causes a white appearance in animals as seen in the video. However, in the case of the video, the absence of color is also a beautiful sight in itself.


The bird walks around slowly and then opens its tail feathers. The beautiful dance is a hit and has garnered over 2,760,900 views on the video-sharing website.

Many consider male Indian peacocks to be one of the most stunning designs of nature. The peahen, or the female peacock, on the other hand, has no train of tail feathers.

It also has fewer colors compared to its male counterparts. With colors that vary between brown, gray, and cream, it is much easier for the females to hide themselves among trees and bushes in the wild. 

The male of the species usually sports varying shades of blue. It is believed that the elaborate train of colorful tail feathers is used to attract mates.

Besides, peafowls also have a mating call and they can also move their feathers to produce specific sounds which add to the attraction.