'Chicago Fire' fans react to 'bad ending' for Gabriela Dawson

Monica Raymund left Chicago Fire and her character appeared for the last time on the season finale. The star also took to Twitter to announce her departure from the show.

The way her character was removed from the show left a bad taste in the mouths of many fans. They responded to the episode via Twitter.

Chicago Fire fans felt that the show made a ‘bad ending’ for Monica Raymund’s character, Gabriela Dawson. Her character was seen trying to have a baby with her partner Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) with no success.

During this drama, someone approached her to work in Puerto Rico for aid relief. At the time, Dawson refused the offer.

She went to see a fertility doctor even though Casey thought it was too soon. The doctor explained that it would be possible to conceive, but a pregnancy could kill Dawson due to an aneurysm.

Dawson told Casey that she was still willing to try for a baby despite the risks. Then she found out that he had spoken to an adoption agency without her consent.

Her anger boiled over when she and Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) went to respond to a bike accident. There Brett, still shaken by seeing a woman die before her eyes, walked away when Dawson badgered her for giving her a pair of scissors instead of gauze.

At their apartment, Casey confronted Dawson, listing all the things she had done without him.  He confessed that he loved her too much to let her risk her own life to have a child.

She responded by telling him that she had never changed and left the apartment. In the end, she was seen rushing to speak with the official who had offered her a chance to help people out in Puerto Rico.

Raymund’s fans thought the ending was lacking in many areas and the long-term character deserved more. A fan even shared that the ending was hurtful and sad.

Other fans were disappointed to see the star leave the show after so long. The main consensus from fans was that Dawson deserved a better send off.

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