The emotional story behind this photo

Matthew and Lyndsay Brentlinger, a couple from Northwood, Ohio, welcomed to the world two beautiful twins, William and Reagan.

As a video shared by the YouTube channel of CNN revealed, the babies were born on December 17, 2016. Even though becoming parents was great for the Brentlingers, they were about to face the most heartbreaking news of their lives.

William was not as healthy as he looked as doctors identified that he was born with a dangerous and severe heart condition. Experts told the baby’s parents that there was nothing they could do to help him and that he would be dead in a week or so.

The devastated family didn’t know what to do. They had just welcomed him into their family and they were about to say goodbye.

Knowing that there was something they had to do to make William’s memories last forever, the Brentlingers contacted Lindsey Brown, a professional photographer, to document little William’s first and final days.

Brown confessed that pictures were nothing but memories and that people cherish them a lot. She added that she was glad to be part of that project, one that would bring a handful of emotions to the Brentlingers for a lifetime.

Only 11 days after the twins were born, William passed away in Lyndsay’s arms. Even though it was difficult for the family, Matthew pointed out that it had been the happiest 11 days of his life as he was able to be with both of his babies.

The photos taken by Brown showed both William and Reagan facing each other, side by side, and even wearing different hats and headbands. However, one of the cutest ones showed the entire family together.

Lyndsay was holding Reagan, who was wrapped in a white cloth while wearing a purple headband, and Matthew was holding William, who was also wrapped in a white cloth. The parents were clearly happy for having the chance of being all four together as they were flashing their smiles to the camera.

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