The story of how this family lost their baby and adopted another

Josh Butler’s story became viral after he appeared on American Ninja Warrior. He and his wife, Katie, lost a baby boy and decided to adopt another one.

According to the website of Today, the couple welcomed Josh Dewey Butler IV to the world in May 2015. Their joy didn’t last much as doctors told them that he was born with a genetic disorder that made it hard for him to breath and eat.

Only 132 days after Dewey was born, he passed away at the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. Butler admitted that he didn’t know why such a bad thing was happening to them if they were good people.

He added that he kept asking God for answers and He knew that the couple needed another child to help them move forward.

After Dewey died, a nurse of the same health center told the family that another couple had abandoned a baby, Braxtel, in the hospital because he had similar medical issues to Dewey.

The couple discussed it for a while and decided that they were going to adopt the boy. At the moment Braxtel in 2 years old. Due to his condition, he is connected to a breathing tube so he can get enough oxygen.

His parents taught him sign language, and that’s the method they use to communicate to each other. Braxtel uses the same medical equipment and visits the same specialists that were in charge of Dewey.

Butler confessed that taking care of Braxtel was not a way to replace Dewey. The couple’s new baby gave them a reason to ‘keep fighting and to keep loving.’ Braxtel made them remember that life is about putting others first.

Describing his son, Butler admitted that he was the most ‘determined’ child in the world. Every day, he wakes up full of joy and will to be alive. He makes his parents laugh and keeps them ‘on [their] toes.’

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