Footage shows French family stormed by cheetah in safari park

When the family approached a group of cheetahs, they immediately realized that was a terrible mistake.

The video that was published by Fox News on May 11, 2018, on YouTube shows exactly how close the French family came to being hurt by cheetahs in a safari park in the Netherlands.

Filmed by the tourists in a different car, the family can be seen getting out of their car to move a car seat into their boot. They are just meters away from at least three cheetahs.

The family then take photos of the nearby animals.

They drive a little further away when they lose enthusiasm for the cheetahs before getting out of their vehicle again.

Meanwhile, the full-grown cheetahs appear to show interest in the family, particularly to the small child.

The family had to run towards their car from a coalition of the animals.

Luckily, the entire family managed to get back into their vehicle without being harmed.

Niels de Wildt, a manager at the park, told Dutch radio station NOS: “The Cheetahs are on a food schedule so they are not extremely hungry and are not in the hunt."

The manager added: “But in the end, they do respond to this exceptional visit, and these people have been incredibly lucky.”

He said that the tourists are warned in various languages not to get out of their cars.

The park may have a commitment to draw up rules as well as to guarantee that they are implemented. Particularly, when individuals don't understand how unsafe cheetahs can be, or how quickly they can move, Lawyer Fabian David told Business Insider Netherlands.

"Amazing these folks stepped out of the vehicle with the child. These cheetahs would mostly likely have killed that child if not for their parents around. Luckily, cheetahs respect and fear larger adult people... most of the time," Dolph C. Volker commented on the video.

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