May 22, 2018

Son diagnosed with 2 types of cancer. But her blood test revealed one more nightmare

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The family never expected they had to endure such a tragedy. But they found a way to see the positive side of things.

Nine-year-old Abraham Moreno Edwards was diagnosed with two types of blood cancer back in October 2017. Six weeks later, the family's misfortunes took a worse turn when Abraham's mother, Amanda, was also diagnosed with a breast cancer.

According to Daily Mail, the mother-son duo began having chemotherapy and tried to remain as brave about the situation as possible. She told the online source that they were trying to stay positive by sharing 'a joke about both being bald.'

After his mother took him to the doctors to treat for cold, Abraham was diagnosed with a type of blood cancer. Then, just a week later, he was diagnosed with another type of blood cancer. The report suggested that the two types of cancer were completely unrelated.



Amanda's chemo began only six weeks later after doctors found a lump in her left breast.

Looking at the positive side of things, the mother told Daily Mail that their difficult situation has given her chance to bond with her son on a deeper level. She also stated that her son's bravery has given her great strength to cope with her own cancer.


The source quoted her as saying: "My attitude is my son is extremely ill and fighting for his life - I've just got breast cancer. I'm very, very positive when it comes to myself because I have seen for myself what these children - my son included - go through."

She added that while she went through chemo once in three weeks, her son went through it five days consecutively. On the rest of the days, he has to stay in the hospital to deal with its side effects.

Amanda is expected to have a lumpectomy operation this year while her son, Abraham's treatment is expected to last for one more year.