Woman shares parenting trick to get babies to sleep in no time

A mother demonstrated an excellent but completely unconventional way of making infants fall asleep. 

Getting infants to sleep soundly is never an easy task for any parent. For some, it is a real struggle - especially when their babies are fussy or easily irritated.

One mother had a great solution for such parents whose babies do not go to sleep easily, or for those having a hard time consoling their crying babies. She showed a unique technique for putting her baby down to sleep in just a few minutes without any hassle.

In a video uploaded on YouTube, she is seen instructing the viewers to take their crying baby to the bathroom. Then she suggests to turn on the tap water so as to create a soothing, whooshing sound of the water.

The mother then holds the baby in her arms, keeping it turned sideways facing toward herself. She supports the baby by putting another hand underneath its bottom ear, covering it completely.

She then begins to rock the baby gently. However, she uses a bit different kind of circular motion to rock the baby.

Initially, she also makes a soft hissing sound to calm the crying baby, timing it perfectly with the sound of the flowing tap water. She also sways from left to right as she keeps rocking her child.

Within only a few seconds of doing it, the baby stops crying. Then about a minute later it dozes off to a sound sleep.

The woman explains in the video that the trick is to rock the baby like she showed on the video by keeping the tap water on.

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