Mother-of-three receives new house as part of a video prank

Edduin Carvajal
May 22, 2018
09:45 A.M.
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Prank It FWD is a show that does good things for people who deserve some goodness. One of the fortunate persons chosen was Cara Simmons, a single mother of three.


Simmons, who lived in Cleveland, Ohio, works as a maid in order to make ends meets. As part of the surprise, she was told to go to a big house wherein she thought she had to clean and set everything ready.

Once in the house, the person who contacted her, Madeline Blue, told her that she had cleaned the house already but asked Simmons to stay because she needed her for a couple of tasks before the ‘huge party.’

The first thing Blue asked her to do was to make a taste-test of the gourmet meals that were supposed to be served later during the party. The dishes she ate were as expensive and uncommon as butternut squash ravioli, lobster lollipops, and white truffle.


After Simmons finished testing the desserts, someone knocked on the door. When she opened it, two young men with a massage chair got inside. They told Blue that they had to warm up their hands before the big night

Blue told Simmons to sit in the chair so the masseurs could ‘warm-up’. She enjoyed the massage the men gave her and moved on to the next surprise, which took place upstairs.


In there, she saw a bunch of clothes and shoes on the bed and Blue told her that she could pick whatever she wanted because she was about to toss all that. When she chose her new outfit, another person knocked on the door.

Simmons opened it and Greg Benson, Prank It FWD’s host, was disguised as a removal man. He had a box in his arms and placed it in the middle of the living room. When Simmons started to unpack it, she noticed that it was filled with her own belongings.

Surprised, she asked the removal man where had he gotten them from, and he asked her to go out and see it herself. When she got out, her family emerged from the truck screaming ‘surprise!’

Revealing his true identity and his plan, Benson gave Simmons the keys to her new home. During the party that took place later that day, Benson gave her the final surprise: an all-expenses-paid vacation for her and her sister to Riviera Maya in Mexico.