Kim Kardashian shared a rare makeup-free photo

The candid click captured the diva looking comfortable in a robe sans the cosmetics.

Kim Kardashian may be a tycoon in the fashion and beauty business, but a recent update posted on her social media profile revealed that she can carry off an all-natural look, too.

Earlier this week, the reality star and entrepreneur shocked trendwatchers and fans with an unexpectedly unique photo of herself on social media, visibly without makeup.

The photo, captioned by Kardashian with a good morning note, appeared to have been taken when she was in the middle of a conversation, as is evident from her off-camera glare and parted lips.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star appeared to be seated comfortably in a room, wearing a black and gold robe.

The knotted up kimono-styled outfit featured wide full-length sleeves, with the elaborate golden-colored embroidery adding a royal touch.

The loose-fitting dress revealed her toned legs, as she sat casually with her right leg crossing over the left.

In the seemingly old photo, the celebrity appeared to have forgone her makeup and shown herself in a more natural light.

Her skin glowed, and the lighting highlighted the smoothness of the skin texture around her chiseled cheekbones and neck.

The fashionista also flaunted her long, black and naturally wavy hair by leaving them open and resting them on her right shoulder.

Kardashian fans flooded her social media feed with rave reviews of her all-natural look, and the post gathered over 1,90,00,000 likes.

The viral photo surfaced shortly after she posted an image of her glammed up look for a party, wearing a racy yellow gown and matching heels.

Known for sharing bold and revealing photographs, she also broke the internet earlier this month with nude portraits barely covering her private parts.

The photos were posted by the celebrity to promote her new fragrance line KKW Body.

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