Mom says emotional goodbye to her son on first day of school

Edduin Carvajal
May 22, 2018
09:28 A.M.
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Heather LaCroix and her husband, Jeff, saw their four children off on the school bus. Knowing that it wasn’t an ordinary day, Jeff decided to record everything.


In the video updated to his YouTube channel, Heather is seen kissing Jeffery – the couple’s youngest son – goodbye a couple of seconds before he and his siblings got on the school bus.

It was Jeffery’s first day at school and he was very calmed about it. To make sure everything went out okay throughout the day, Heather told him to be a ‘big boy.’ When the ‘cheese bus’ finally arrived, all four children got in one by one.

As soon as the bus started leaving the area where it picked the children up, Heather turned back and started crying. When she noticed that Jeff was recording everything, she tried to grab the camera to stop it.


Jeff kept asking her what was wrong but Heather wouldn’t answer. She just got in the couple’s vehicle and shut the door in front of the camera. Jeff got in the driver’s seat and asked her again to tell him what happened.

Using both hands to cover her face and then to clean her tears, all Heather could say was ‘he still a baby.’ The video ended when she placed her hand on the camera and said ‘stop!’


Even though many would think that Heather’s reaction to Jeffery’s first day at school was too much, several mothers (and fathers) are aware that it is a very difficult moment for a parent.


Susannah B. Lewis, a blogger and author from Brownsville, Tennessee, made a parody video comparing how parents feel on the first day of kindergarten and how they feel on the first day of every other grade.

For the former, Lewis recorded herself in her vehicle crying and saying that her ‘baby’ was too young, that she would go to the school to take him back home, and that the child’s teacher didn’t know that he needed ‘14 kisses every 45 seconds.’

Things drastically change after the first year, though, as Lewis appeared singing to George Michael’s Freedom! ’90 while arranging manicure and pedicure appointments and even a trip to Las Vegas.