Teen's $50 prom dress went viral after she made small alterations

Nazmayde Castillo made an amazing prom gown out of a dress that only cost $50. She just proved that it's not necessary to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to make a party dress dreams come true.

Many people went crazy for her gown when her boyfriend, MJ Johnson, posted photos of the couple on social media recently. They were also asking where Castillo got it.

Johnson, who usually mimics major celebrity fashion moments, explained that he actually found his girlfriend’s dress on Fashion Nova for only $50 and added the details.

In an interview with Teen Vogue, Johnson said: “My dream is to be an actor and social media comedian. I’ve never really thought about being a fashion designer.”

The young couple both looked amazing in their bright blue outfits. Castillo wore her altered dress and Johnson wore a metallic blue tuxedo that matched perfectly.

Though Johnson helped Castillo pick out her dress, she came up with the idea to add something special to it.

Castillo's aunt ended up making the altercations.

When Johnson's inbox blew up with people asking about his date's dress, he took to Instagram and wrote: 'Ok since ppl inboxing me asking where she gets her dress from …. I found it on @fashionnova for her and she had the idea to add flowers at the bottom … that’s it a $50 dress is all flowers was all it took,' adding, 'we both creative as hell.'

A lot of netizens were leaving supportive comments about Castillo's dress.

Instagram user @nanaswalk commented: 'I think this is fabulous! Its ridiculous to spend too much money on a prom dress. This shows ingenuity and is creative! And its a beautiful dress on a beautiful girl! And the the young gentleman isnt too bad himself!'

'I am so excited that young people like yourselves are embracing the idea of shopping around to make your ideas come to life! This skill will definitely take you far!!! Keep doing what you are doing. Lives your dreams,' wrote @teachers_touch.

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