'Wheel of Fortune' contestant goes viral after blurting out hilariously wrong answer

Edduin Carvajal
May 22, 2018
08:51 A.M.
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Wheel of Fortune is a TV show competition in which contestants solve words puzzles in exchange for money and other prizes.


Since it is a popular competition that has been on people’s screens for more than four decades, having the chance to be part of the show is a very difficult task. Melinda and her husband, however, managed to get a spot among the three couples participating.

At one point of the show, they had to solve a two-word puzzle in the category of ‘Living Thing.’ As soon as the show’s hostess touched the first panel, the letter E showed up. The next letter was the C, then the Y, and so on.

In order to win that section, one of the couples must hit the button they had in their hands and solve the puzzle before the other two teams.


When the screen had 9 letters on it already, the couple in the middle thought that they had the answer and hit the button. Nevertheless, Melinda did it shortly before and the host chose her to ‘solve’ the puzzle.

Without hesitation, she said: ‘Popsicle Bike.’ The host did his best to hold his laughter and pointed out it was not the right answer. Melinda and her husband looked like if they knew that ‘Popsicle Bike’ was not correct even before the host.

Only one second later, the couple in the middle hit the button again and said the right answer: ‘Honeysuckle Bush.’ Even though that episode was aired in 2017, it is still a hot topic on the Internet.


Many consider that it was the weirdest puzzle solve in Wheel of Fortune history for four reasons based on the 9 letters that were revealed already.

The first word couldn’t be ‘Popsicle;’ the second one couldn’t be ‘Bike;’ ‘Popsicle Bike’ seemed like a freshly created thing; and a bike cannot be considered a ‘Living Thing,’ which was the category they were playing at that moment.