A teenager asks his mother for independence, so she writes him a special letter

Pedro Marrero
May 23, 2018
08:07 P.M.
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At 13, Aaron started to make a little money thanks to the videos he uploaded to Youtube, so he started to ask her mother for more independence.


Obviously, his mother, named Heidi Johnson was proud of her child’s success, but she was not happy with his attitude, as he wanted to go on living in the family home but he didn’t want his mother to tell him what to do.

Heidi wanted to find a way to attract her child’s attention, so she wrote a letter for him and she posted it on her Facebook account. Here’s what she wrote:

 ‘Dear Aaron,

Since you seem to have forgotten you are only 13, and I’m the parent, and that you won’t be controlled, I guess you will need a lesson in independence.

Also, as you threw in my face that you are making money now, it will be easier to buy back all the items I bought for you in the past. If you would like your lamp/ light bulbs or access to the internet, you will need to pay your share of costs.'


'Rent: $430

Electricity: $116

Internet: $21

Food: $150

Also, you will need to empty the trash Mon, Wed, and Friday, as well as sweep and vacuum those days. You will need to keep your bathroom clean weekly, prepare your own meals, and clean up after yourself.

If you fail to do so, I will charge you a $30 maid fee for every day I have to do it. If you decide you would rather be my child again, instead of a roommate, we can renegotiate terms.


Love, Mom.’


Heidi didn’t expect her letter to go viral; all she wanted was to make sure her child was going to pay attention to her. Nevertheless, thousands of people got to read it, and she provoked many reactions. The letter was shared many times.

Some users of the social network thought Heidi was too hard on her teenage son, while others celebrated the lesson she gave to him. She replied that she doesn’t want to be an authoritarian mother, and she only wanted the best for Aaron.

After all, it seems that the letter Heidi wrote served a purpose because she finally managed to make an agreement with her son.