Compilation shows babies waking up and dancing to music

May 24, 2018
07:01 A.M.
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Only the little ones can wake up from sleep and just start dancing and this video is a proof of how adorable they look.


A video shared on YouTube by a channel named DS2DIO shows 12 babies having fun with their favorite songs.

The video begins with the famous song Gangnam Style, by Psy. A two-year-old is seen sleeping but begins to move her body to the song’s rhythm.

She wakes up dancing to the song as her mother, recording her reaction, can be heard giggling to her daughter’s reaction.

The next baby wakes up to Kanye West’s Runaway. The little one is happy to be listening to her favorite number.

Another baby must have fallen asleep while playing, but wakes up dancing to Baby by Justin Bieber. Those around the baby certainly find it funny and burst out laughing.


This is followed by a clip of a little one named Bella. She wakes up to Till I Forget About You by Big Time Rush. She is jumping up and down clapping her hands, still visibly sleepy.

The next baby is lying face down on the floor but responds to Show Me the Money by Petey Pablo and rolls over eventually.


The baby in the next clip probably loves Dora the Explorer as she wakes up in an instant upon listening to the music, dancing excitedly to her favorite tune.

Another baby is seen in the back seat of a car but wakes up to Trap music dancing to its rhythm. 

The following five clips are all shot in cars with the babies waking up to songs such as Grove St. Party by Waka Flocka, Rock It by Herbie Hancock, Gangnam Style, A Day to Remember’s The Downfall of Us All, and Breed by Nirvana.

The 2.26-minute video has become very popular and has garnered over 1.6 million views and more than 4,000 Likes on YouTube.