'Arrested Development' star Jessica Walter cries as she opens up about harassment on set

May 25, 2018
10:15 P.M.
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The actress battled through tears as she stood up for her harassment allegations against her co-star.


During an interview with the cast of Arrested Development with The New York Times, 77-year-old Jessica Walter broke into tears while talking about her co-star Jeffrey Tambor's alleged harassment against her.

In the interview, Walter could not hold her tears back as she had to stand up for herself while her other co-star, Jason Bateman, attempted to defend Tambor's treatment of her.

Walter, however, cleared up that Tambor never "crossed the line" while on the show and there were no cases of sexual misappropriation as well.


"Verbally, yes, he harassed me, but he did apologize. In like almost 60 years of working, I’ve never had anybody yell at me like that on a set,” the actress opened up, explaining that the harassment from Tambor was a verbal one.

Walter also admitted that she has to "let go" of being angry at Tambor, who was sitting only a few feet away from her during the interview. The actress also expressed that she was "over it" now.

The New York Times further informed that Tambor was previously also accused of sexual misconduct on the set of Transparent. Although he defended himself against the accusations, he was fired from the show.


Later, Kevin T. Porter took to Twitter to share the audio clip of the interview. In his tweet, he addressed how all the men tried to defend Tambor against Walter's allegations and termed it as 'horrific.'

'Here’s audio of Jessica Walter CRYING, standing up for herself after all the men in the AD cast try to gaslight her into thinking Tambor’s harassment isn’t THAT bad,' his tweet read.

In the thread to his post, Porter even requested his followers to not 'meme-ify' the story with gifs because that would be 'minimizing pain' of the story.