Scott Baio won't be prosecuted for alleged sexual assault of Nicole Eggert, investigators say

Years after the fact, she finally came forward to accuse her assailant, but nothing can be done to prosecute him. 

In February 2018, Nicole Eggert came forward with claims that her former Charles in Charge costar Scott Baio had sexually assaulted her for years when she was between the ages of 14 and 18. 

As reported by TMZ, Eggert met with the Los Angeles County Deputy DA, who was reviewing her case. 

A source told the publication that the DA had found Eggert's claims and case credible, but told her that even so they would not be able to press charges. 

Unfortunately for Eggert, the case cannot be prosecuted because of the statute of limitations. 

Current law states that there is no statute of limitations on sexual assault of a minor, but in the 1980's, when Eggert was being assaulted by Baio, the statute of limitations was just 3 years. 

By the time the law was changed, that 3 years had already run out. 

"I always knew this case was beyond statutes of limitations and unfortunately the DA would not be able to prosecute Scott Baio. However I also knew the importance of laying the groundwork for any future victims of Baio's that may come forward and to warn parents who might unknowingly allow their children to be alone with this molester," Eggert told TMZ

Baio himself had no comment, but his rep spoke up after the TMZ report, saying he hoped the DA would come forward and refute their claims that Eggert's case was credible. 

"Nicole Eggert will be held accountable for her untrue and defamatory claims attacking Scott Baio and his family," the rep told Fox News.  

Baio's only response to Eggert's original claims was that they had engaged in consensual sex just once, after she had turned 18. 

Another Charles in Charge costar came forward to support Eggert's allegations. Alexander Polinsky said that the set was a "toxic environment," and claimed to have been mentally and physically abused by Baio. 

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