Woman can no longer style her hair, so her husband learns to do it step-by-step

May 28, 2018
05:02 A.M.
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When this elderly woman fell ill and could no longer care for her hair properly, her husband stepped in to help her. 


As he realized that his wife could no longer style her hair, he wanted to make sure that she was still being looked after, even if she couldn't do it herself. 

So he booked an appointment at a hair salon, and explained to the stylist they were assigned what he wanted to do. 

Rather than just having her hair done by the stylist, he wanted the stylist to explain and show him what to do so that he would be able to stlye her hair for her. 

The stylist was touched by this request, and asked someone else in the salon to video the entire encounter. The footage was sent to Love What Matters on Facebook.  


He insisted on her explaining everything to him, from the products he should use on her hair, to how to hold the brush, and how to properly blowdry his wife's hair. 

"truly one of the best things I have been able to witness in my life. Brought tears to my eyes..what an amazing man and what a lucky woman," the stylist said. 

He spent plenty of time in the salon, trying his hand at styling his wife's hair himself, and making sure that she was happy with how he was doing it. 

It's wonderful to see someone who honors his wedding vows with such honest and pure dedication!