Video shows little girl struggling to say 'popsicle'

This little girl is having the most difficult time pronouncing a word, but his father his determined on teaching her the right way.

A video uploaded on Junkin Media showed a hilarious exchange between a father and his little daughter, where he attempts to teach her girl say, "Popsicle."

The video reveals the girl holding a seemingly delicious popsicle while her father films her. He then casually asks the little girl, "What have you got there?"

The girl happily replies, "I got apopsible."

The father soon realizes that her daughter is having a really difficult time saying the world 'Popsicle' correctly. She repeatedly ends up saying something along the lines of, "apopsible."

However, the father is determined on teaching his daughter the right way of pronouncing the word. So he tries breaking up the word into two words that his daughter can easily say.

He asks her to say, "Pop." Then asks her to repeat after him the word, "Sickle." But when he says the word together and asks her to repeat, she ends up making the mistake again.

The father bursts out into laughter as does the little girl who probably has no idea what is so funny.

The man decides to give it one more go. He again breaks the word, 'Popsicle' into 'Pop' and 'Sickle' and asks his daughter to repeat after him. Yet again, the little girl gets the smaller words correct but cannot repeat the full word.

However, the father makes one more effort. He breaks down the word and asks his girl to answer his question, "What have you got there?"

Surprisingly, this time she finally manages to say the word correctly, "Popsicle."

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