CBS saddens fans by canceling another beloved TV show

Every year around May, networks get together an decide which shows to put to rest. This time, Code Black was among the ones on CBS' chopping block.

2018 has been a deadly year for shows such as Kevin Can Wait, The Chew, The Great Baking Show and Scorpion, along with many others, and Code Black just didn't do well enough to be saved.

The news was delivered by Michael Seitzman, the man responsible for bringing the show to life, through his Twitter page. He also took the opportunity to thank the fans for always supporting the show and tuning in every week.

The medical drama was on the air for three seasons and follow the story of a group first-year residents, as well as their colleagues, at Angels Memorial Hospital, a fictional medical facility in Code Black.

The name of the show represented that situation that the characters would usually find themselves it:  an understaffed hospital with a very busy emergency room and a severe lack of resources.

Those three factors contributed to the condition known as 'Code Black.' Seitzman, who was also a writer and a producer in Quantico, another series that was canceled, confessed that he was already expecting the network's decision.

Sensing that the end was near, Seitzman and his team of writers prepared for it by having the show conclude the way they wanted. Plus, he added that the show's best episodes hadn't aired yet and that fans should be on the lookout for them

Fans don't like seeing their favorite shows get the boot but, sometimes, their voices can make a difference if they scream loud enough; that was what happened to Fox's Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The show, created by Dan Goor and Michael Schur, was canceled despite the great ratings, but fans rioted on Twitter and demanded a comeback. Fortunately, NBC swooped in rescued the praised TV comedy hours after the announcement. 

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