The giant tree spade removes trees without cutting them down

May 28, 2018
09:36 P.M.
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The video shows the working of a 100-inch tree spade that helps move trees without hurting them.


Dutchman Industries displayed their invention by sharing the clip on YouTube on January 26, 2012.

Though trees are important for planet Earth, many consider them as only an aesthetic addition to the landscape, or as an inconvenience.

Many trees are cut down to give way to urban development without realizing that there can be no progress without them.

There are better ways to clear the front yard of trees than using a chainsaw to cut them down. This tree spade helps in shifting the trees to better places in a safe way without causing any damage.

The video shows a huge truck with a device attached to it. Called the 100-inch tree spade, it promises to keep more trees alive.


The machine is a brilliant option to replant trees of small to medium size.

The video is a test of two of these trucks for Chase Farms. The humongous trucks arrive at the farm and get to work immediately.

There are four spades that are connected with each other at the bottom. They are separated to form a single line and taken near the tree.


The four spades then surround the tree and go deep into the soil one after the other. They remove the tree along with its roots in a ‘root ball.’

The tree is then ready to be transported in the same vehicle or on the back of a tractor or truck. The tree can then be replanted on another site in a new hole dug up by the Tree Spade.

The device is made to be used in farms and nurseries but has also been deployed by construction companies to replant trees that require moving during a project.

It is truly a modern miracle that helps save the trees that would have otherwise been lost.