Rare pink dolphin caught on film

May 29, 2018
04:29 A.M.
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The video showed a rare pink dolphin, appropriately named Pinkie, swimming with its mother.


ABC News reported that Captain Erik Rue first spotted the dolphin in 2007 in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

A charter boat captain at Calcasieu Charter Service, Rue, said that he was shocked when he and four other first saw the dolphin.

Pinkie has become a local celebrity since then. People take trips on Rue’s charter hoping to catch a glimpse of the rare mammal.

Speaking to ABC News in 2015, the Captain confirmed that Pinkie was a female after he saw her mating. He said that he has “taken a lot of picture of her mating and it proved she’s a female.”

He claimed that he was probably the first one who saw her and also the first to take pictures of her. He has spent a lot of time following her around.


He said that people are surprised when they see the bright pink dolphin just as it was described to them. Rue said that the mammal looks stunning and those on his boat cannot help but pull out their cell phones to capture a photo or video if it.

The Captain said that Pinkie is quite curious and can be seen swimming within five to 10 feet of his boat occasionally. However, he is unsure of how she got her unique hue.


He said that dolphins usually have pink bellies, hence he initially that it was a genetic anomaly. However, he has changed what he thought over time.

The photos he has captured have helped him analyze that other than being pink and the eyes not opening all the way, it is just like the other dolphins and does all the things the rest of them do.


Rue is now amazed to know that such interesting things exist in the world. He added that Pinkie is just beautiful to look at. The Captain plans to compile photographs of Pinkie into a coffee table book.


The World Wildlife Fund informed that it was unable to identify Pinkie’s species type. However, the organization also pointed out that a freshwater species of dolphin called the Amazon River dolphin is naturally pink.

The pink dolphins have also lived in the harbor of Hong Kong. Due to their presence, they have even earned a symbolic place in the city’s history and culture.

However, they are facing threats due to developmental projects being undertaken in the area. Increasing habitat loss, noise pollution, and other environmental issues have had a severe impact on the numbers of the pink dolphins, which are also known as Chine white dolphins.