Story of the day: First class passengers gave up their seat for a military couple

May 29, 2018
08:42 A.M.

A military couple were given seats in the first class and were treated like royalty on their flight after one passenger disrespected them.


A woman named Mary Jones described her experience when she was on her way to Vegas to celebrate her honeymoon.

While there are no other details about the story, it was reportedly shared on Facebook by her.

Mary married her boyfriend just three weeks before he was to leave for Afghanistan. The couple decided to postpone their honeymoon and waited until he returned home.

When he finally returned a year later, they chose to go to Vegas. He wore his formal Army uniform and she was in her cocktail-length wedding dress.

As they were waiting to board their flight, the attendant invited the first-class passengers and any members of the military in uniform to board first.

Just then they heard a male passenger jeer at them. He was unhappy that the man in uniform was being allowed to board first.

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik


Calling Mary’s husband a ‘murdered,’ he said that he should be ashamed of himself.

Though they were angry at the comments, they decided to ignore the man and board the plane. Just after the rest of the passengers had boarded, a member of the flight crew came up to them.

She informed them that two passengers had offered them their seats in first class in recognition of his services. They wanted to make the switch before they took off.

Those around the couple took notice of the incredible act. Just as they stood, they saw an elderly couple making their way to their new seats.

The man, who asked them if they were on their honeymoon, in a loud voice said, “My wife and I would take it as a personal favor to us if you would sit in our seats up in first class.”

Source: Freepik

Source: Freepik


The gentleman revealed that he served in the military too, just as his father did. His two sons were also part of the armed forces, however, one of them had sacrificed his life for the country.

He told the couple that he was proud they were flying with them and for everything he has ever done for the people of the country.

He also apologized for the way the couple was treated when they were boarding. He then wished the couple a wonderful life together.

Mary, who was in tears now, was hugged by the man’s wife. Many other passengers too had tears in their eyes and were touched by the elderly couple’s gesture.

The crew treated Mary and her husband like royalty for the entire duration of the flight. They also told them that the passenger who had ridiculed them was given enough dirty looks and reproachful comments by the others.

Source: Bored Daddy

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