Coco Austin shares her childhood pic alongside daughter's pic revealing their uncanny resemblance

Aby Rivas
May 29, 2018
11:50 A.M.
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Coco Austin and Ice-T's daughter, Chanel, is often praised for how much she looks like her famous father, but Coco just debunked the belief that Chanel doesn’t look like her. The model posted a childhood picture side to side with one pic of Chanel, and the resemblance is astoundingly uncanny.


Celebritist learned from Coco Austin’s Instagram account that the model and businesswoman just left her fans wide-eyed with a throwback photo she shared that proves just how much her adorable little daughter looks like her.

Chanel is only 2-years-old, but she’s already pretty famous among social media users thanks to the constant pictures her mom shares with her. Whether is showing off their matching clothes, or their days filled with fun, Coco and Chanel are considered one of the cutest mother-daughter duos on Instagram.


The 39-years-old model recently pleased some followers who were constantly asking for photos from her childhood, and she took the chance to demonstrate with proof that her daughter could have been her twin, as she wrote in the caption of her picture:

“Here's for those always wanting to see a baby pic of me... On the left is me on the right is @babychanelnicole ..We have the same eye shape, eye color, hair color, mouth, chin and sneaky little

Yes she favors her dad but a lot of you don’t know what I looked like as a child and I see a lot of myself some of the time. It depends on the day I guess or the looks she gives.”


Chanel not only looks a lot like her mom, she also inherited the love for the cameras from Coco and the sassy attitude from Ice-T. Austin revealed to People magazine that even though she didn’t want her daughter to follow her steps into the industry, it seems like the girl will be inevitably going in that direction.

“She’s definitely a performer, which I was a little worried about because I don’t really want her to be a performer. That’s how her parents are. I think she’s going to, naturally.”


And added:

“I was trying to push against that a little bit. Maybe [encourage her] to be a rocket scientist. I don’t know, something I’m not. But it seems like she’s going in my direction.”

The girl has also learned a thing or two from watching her rapper father on the stage, as Coco revealed that:

“She loves the microphone. She loves to dance. She loves to sing on the microphone. She watches Daddy at the concerts that he has all the time — she sees him move with the microphone, so now she knows how to talk on the microphone and give it up to the audience.”


Considering that Chanel is only two-years-old, perhaps saying that she will definitely be an entertainer might seem a bit rushed. Who knows? Maybe the girl will develop an interest in a different career in the future.

For now, we’ll keep on enjoying the cute pictures that Coco shares with us, as we see Chanel growing up into a talented, smart and beautiful little girl.

Do you think Chanel looks more like Ice-T or Coco Austin?