Video shows surprise wedding proposal during yoga routine

Alec Horan surprised his girlfriend of two years when he popped the question during their workout session.

Inside Edition shared the video of the Pennsylvania man proposing to Steph Gardner in Oahu, Hawaii, on March 26, 2017.

25-year-old Horan decided to propose to his partner, Steph Gardner, in a unique way. He asked the all-important question during their yoga routine.

The pair regularly performs the acroyoga routine, a combination of yoga and acrobatics. 

The video begins with Horan lying down on the beach, while Gardner is standing in front of him. He gradually lifts his feet to places them on her back.

She steps back and adjusts herself and leans back as Horan lifts her with his feet. He then takes his hands off and balances her amazingly well.

As Gardner continues to stay on his feet, he slowly takes out the ring he had hidden under his head. He opens the box and waits for her to see it.

A smile spreads across his face as he waits eagerly holding the ring. As his fiancée tilts her head she slowly sees his face and then the ring.

She is left speechless and the couple kisses. She then steps back on the ground and is still emotional by the unexpected proposal.

Both are on their knees, with Horan still holding the ring. Gardner gradually extends her left hand still beaming with joy. The couple then holds each other in a long hug.

Horan revealed that he is an amateur photographer and the couple ends up filming their yoga sessions. Talking about the proposal he said he was nervous before he proposed to Gardner.

“I had been sitting on the ring for about four months. I felt like Gollum from 'Lord of the Rings.' I was nervous for the whole 10 days in Hawaii.”

Alec Horan, InsideEdition, April 19, 2017.

He added that his then-girlfriend did not expect it and was a complete surprise for her. It was an emotional experience for both. 

He said that it was the happiest day of his life because he was going to marry his best friend. 

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