Kate Gosselin's daughter Hannah shares new photos of brother Collin

Collin Gosselin, the 14-year-old reality television star from Kate Plus Eight, has been out of the limelight since 2016 when Kate sent him away for treatment.

His sister, Hannah, had been making headlines recently for spending more time with her father, Jon Gosselin, and fans are wondering if Hannah lived with him now. 

Collin and Hannah are part of sextuplets. However, Kate said in 2016 that Collin had 'special needs' and sent him to an undisclosed location for treatment. 

She didn't want to share any details of his situation with the public, and viewers were left in the dark about Collin's whereabouts. 

Collin's sudden departure from the reality show caused headlines and even more questions. Jon also had no idea where he son was or what treatment he was receiving.

Fans were delighted to see Collin on his 14th birthday and learned from Jon's Instagram feed that Collin and Hannah had chosen to spend their birthday with him, while their siblings celebrated with their mother. 

Collin has made another appearance, this time on Hannah's Instagram feed.

Hanna shared another photo of Collin, and it seems like he is back for good. In the caption, she wrote: 'So good to see Collin again I had so much fun shopping with him.'

An Instagram user known as Julie Celano said it was 'so great to see the 3 of you together,' referring to Jon, Hannah, and Collin. She added that it makes her heart melt. 

Dianne Duncan expressed similar views and hope that Collin would be spending more time with his father from now on, as a 'start to something more permanent.'

Chery Prindle was very happy for Collin and Jon's reunion. She doesn't know what Collin's 'special needs' are but believes he would fare better if he saw his father more often. 

The Gosselin Family first rose to fame with their reality television show, Jon & Kate Plus Eight. The show was renamed to Kate Plus Eight after the couple divorced. 

Season 6 of Kate Plus Eight only had three episodes which aired in July 2017. A release date for season 7 is yet to be announced. 

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